Here Are All The Times Karma Has Broken Girl Code on 'Faking It'

She's made more than a few infractions when it comes to her friendship with Amy.

MTV is serving up a double dose of Katie Stevens this Monday night.

The actress will be appearing on her hit show "Faking It" as usual, but that's not all: Immediately after, she'll be chilling with Nessa, Carly and Awkwafina on "Girl Code Live." And frankly, we can't think of anyone better to wax philosophical on the topics dissected on the female-driven comedy series.

The reason: Katie's alter ego, the free-spirited Karma, hasn't always obeyed the law when it comes to her friendship with partner-in-crime Amy. But each time she's tested the limits of her bond with her BFF, she's emerged from it wiser — making Katie the perfect person to offer her insights on girl code.

In honor of the thesp's guest appearance with the fun-loving "GCL" trio, we've compiled a list of Karma's biggest lady violations:

  1. Volunteering your friend for a three-way with the guy you're into (or anyone at all) is a major violation of girl code -- but so is deciding you're jealous midway because the two other members of your "party" kiss and calling it all off. Bad form through and through, K!

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    Meddling in your friends' love life is definitely a no-go in this arena -- even if you have the best intentions. As those who have been through a major heartbreak knows, it doesn't matter how many dates you go on or people you kiss if you're not ready to be with anyone else. Got that, Karma?

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    Girl code dictates that when your friend goes all out to cheer you up, you either need to put the boy on the back-burner for the next few hours or get 100% honest about what you want. They don't say chicks before d!@%$ for nothing!

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    Showing up unannounced when your bestie's on a date is not only embarrassing, but it CERTAINLY isn't the best way to make a good impression on their new love interest. So not a smart move, honey...

Do you have any other "Faking It" girl code violations to add? Share them in the comments -- and don't miss Katie on "Faking It" at 9:30/8:30c followed by "Girl Code Live" at 10/9c!