The Cast Of 'Everest' Tells Us What Body Part They'd Sacrifice To Frostbite

Mostly toes, occasional genitalia.

We all have to make tough choices in life, right? And those choices get much, much harder when it's cold.

The cast of "Everest" knows cold, having actually filmed in super-freezing, extreme conditions. The ensemble tells the real-life story of an ill-fated summit of the peak. Even on a good day, the danger of frostbite is very, very real.

So, naturally, MTV News got the actors to give their honest answers: if they had to choose, what body part would you sacrifice to frostbite?

  • Toes were a popular choice.
  • For balance reasons, see.
  • Jake Gyllenhaal went with something that might not be noticed so easily.
  • This just makes no sense, sorry.
  • But Josh Brolin, he just puts it out there.

"Everest" hits theaters September 18.