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This Is What Happens When You Give 5SOS Access To Your Twitter Account

The (Twitter) kings and queens of #TheNewBrokenScene speak!

On Wednesday (Sept. 16), #TheNewBrokenScene started trending on Twitter. As 5 Seconds Of Summer declared in "She's Kinda Hot," they are the kings (and queens) of said scene -- or maybe their fans are? Maybe we all are, together with the band, an entire legion of royals?

Regardless of who's technically ruling the scene, the hashtag #TheNewBrokenScene is definitely ruling Twitter. And when you visit the band's new corresponding website, it becomes clear why.

The New Broken Scene

On the site, there's a prompt to sign in with your Twitter account, which effectively gives 5SOS access to change your avatar and header image and "post tweets about 5SOS and The New Broken Scene from your Twitter account," as the terms and conditions stipulate. Basically, it lets 5SOS "hack" your account and post stuff. Which is kinda brilliant.

And tons of 5SOS fans have willingly made that happen:

It looks like guitarist Michael Clifford even signed himself up, because meta:

And if you needed all of this summed up in one tweet:

But what is #TheNewBrokenScene, exactly, and why is it happening now? Oh right, there's a countdown in the upper righthand corner of the site, counting down to something going down at 4 p.m. EST tomorrow.

The New Broken Scene

It's likely not the release of the band's new album, Sounds Good Feels Good, since that's due out Oct. 23. But a new single? The band cranked "Jet Black Heart" for the first time live just last week at a concert, so could this be a proper release of it as a single? Or a brand-new video for the song? Or a surprise performance somewhere cool and unexpected, like an apple orchard or something (hey, it's almost fall)?

We'll take all of the above, please.