Shamir Takes Flight Inside A Glittery UFO For 'In For The Kill'

That's a a pretty sweet aircraft.

Our favorite weirdo pop star Shamir is back with another visually striking video, this time for the wonky-and-catchy-af dance jam "In For The Kill" off his stellar debut, Ratchet. In the vid, he's piloting a sweet UFO (there's a tape deck, a disco ball, and lots of glitter inside, NBD) while wreaking havoc on citizens below.

"In For The Kill," which premiered over at Rookie, was inspired by the so-called "balloon boy hoax" of 2009 (in which a couple claimed their six-year-old son was floating inside a homemade air balloon). In a press release about the video, Shamir claimed the song was about "making sacrifices to do things that make you happy. For me, that’s making and playing music."

Watch Shamir take flight below.