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Can You Make It Through These Insanely Hot Dylan O'Brien GIFs Without Passing Out?


Dylan O'Brien's newest movie "The Scorch Trials" opens this Friday, and we can't wait to see it. Partly for the storyline, since we loved "The Maze Runner," but also for, um, you know, Dylan.

MTV's own "Teen Wolf" star seems to get hunkier every day, and we're all for that. So, we decided to gather up a ton of smokin' hot Dylan GIFs and see if you can look at all of them without swooning your pretty little heart out. Can you do it? (We definitely couldn't.)

  • Remember that time Dylan winked at you?
  • And spoke the words you've waited to hear all your life?
  • What about the time he won the Wet T-Shirt Contest?
  • Or when he casually reminded you his biceps could bend steel.
  • How about when his hair successfully pulled off the tousled-but-still-sexy look?
  • Need I remind you about the time he gyrated his hips better than Shakira?
  • I'll just leave this here.
  • And this.
  • Remember when he was cute AF?
  • Oh, wait. That's all the time.
  • Here's another wink, for good measure.
  • There's that bicep again.
  • How many times have you imagined you were Zooey Deschanel in this scenario?
  • And day-dreamed about him smiling at you that way?
  • Here's some tongue action, because reasons.
  • Plus, one more, because you deserve it.
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So, how'd you do? Did your heart melt?