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Here's What 'See You Again' Would Have Sounded Like With Chris Brown Instead Of Charlie Puth

Plus, Trey Songz and Jason Derulo give it a crack.

"See You Again" is not only one of the biggest hits of 2015, it also became the most successful single of Wiz Khalifa's career. In addition to Wiz, though, an essential part of the track is Charlie Puth's emotional, catchy chorus.

But Puth was unknown to the public before the song soared, and it looks like there were some other options in line to sing the hook for the "Furious 7"-featured track. HipHopNMore points out that some alternate versions of the former Billboard No. 1 have hit the 'net, and though their origins aren't confirmed, it seems likely that the label tried out some bigger stars before its release.

Here, for instance, is a version with Chris Brown singing the chorus. It also includes a verse from Tyga.

And now, with Trey Songz.

And how 'bout Jason Derulo?

And, in case you somehow forgot, here's the final version, which the world heard and heard again, with Wiz and Charlie.

Which is your favorite?

Either way, it's fortunate for Charlie that he was the one who ended up on the song -- not only because it became a global hit, but also because it allowed him to prove he's a dual threat, as the writer and vocalist.

“I wrote the song on July 17 at 6 p.m. -- I know that because I have it saved in my phone, the lyric note...I want to frame that,” Charlie told MTV News. “I wrote it in 10 minutes, which is very unusual -- usually songs take a little bit longer to write for me.

“I sent it off to Wiz and we actually never really recorded in the same studio, but he told me he recorded at Snoop Dogg’s house. And he wrote it really quickly, too, because it came from a real place for him as well.”