'Room' Stars Brie Larson And Jacob Tremblay Are The Cutest Duo In Toronto

No room for argument.

If you haven't heard about "Room" yet, get ready to. It's amazing and deserves every ounce of praise bestowed upon it.

The film, based on Emma Donoghue's novel of the same name, is debuting at Toronto International Film Festival this week, and is sure to be a strong contender for both Oscars and the Oh God My Eyes I Didn't Know I Could Cry This Much Awards. It tells the story of Ma (Brie Larson) and her son Jack (Jacob Tremblay) and their life in Room. To Jack, Room is the whole world, but Ma knows more. That's because in her life before she was Ma, she was Joy, a 17-year-old girl who made a mistake, followed a stranger and spent the next seven years of her life imprisoned in a garden shack, the latter five with her son. She is the only person he knows, and he is her best friend in her very small world.

At a small, special screening of "Room" in Toronto with a cast Q&A following, it was clear that Larson and the 7-year-old Tremblay share a very special and adorable relationship in real life as well.

Like, come on:

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Have. You. Ever. (I certainly haven't.)

In the talk after the screening, Larson revealed that she prepared extensively with research and chats with a trauma counselor. She learned what it would be like to deal with isolation and imprisonment, lack of Vitamin D, poor nutrition, sexual abuse, lack of basic everyday necessities like a toothbrush, living with badly healed broken bones.

Once she had that down, she said, "then Jacob came to play."

The two spent time in the set that would become Room, playing for two weeks. Sometimes director Lenny Abrahamson would come and observe, and sometimes it was just the two of them, becoming comfortable with one another.

"We had a really awesome time together," Larson said. "He's my very good friend and I enjoy spending time with him."

"It was fun," Tremblay added.

Asked about whether Larson and Joan Allen, who played his grandmother, bossed him around, Tremblay replied, "They're two really nice people. [Was it hard] to work with them? No, because they work with me and because they're two good coworkers."

"We called each other coworkers!" Larson yelled, laughing.

This blurry-but-sweet picture of the duo at the screening captures the vibe pretty accurately.

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Get ready to have your hearts melt with glee at seeing these two together all awards season long, and start stockpiling tisses for when "Room" opens wide on October 16.