Lightning Struck Twice: Joseph Gordon-Levitt And Todrick Hall Star In Another Awesome Video

'You Unfollowed Me' is all about breaking up...via social media.

Here's a little social media 101 from Todrick Hall and Joseph Gordon-Levitt: Don't think twice if your crush unfollows you.

After joining creative forces for hitRECord this past summer, the two have teamed up during tonight's "Todrick" episode: "You Unfollowed Me" is all about enduring nasty breakups via Instagram, Twitter and Facebook — because let's be real, there's nothing worse than learning you've been dumped via DM.

Going back to high school again (but this time with a cartoon kick), Todrick and JGL take us through every stage of social media heartbreak faster than you can click retweet. They also offer a life lesson: If you've ever been unexpectedly ghosted or unfollowed online, don't let it get you down because you're better AND stronger.

"You think you're cooler than us?" the musical duo sing. "You might be smarter, but you're balding and your breath stinks. We don't have time for your reindeer games; you have no followers anyway."

Totally worthy of shares and likes, right?

See the entire video for "You Unfollowed Me" below, buy the song on iTunes here and keep watching "Todrick" on Mondays at 10:30/9:30c!

Bonus clip: Look just as epic as the guys with some helpful makeup tips from Todrick's personal makeup artist Nicole!