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11 Celebs You Completely Forgot Guest-Starred On 'Sister, Sister'

*Cue the catchy theme song music*

If any twins sum up the '90s (besides the Olsen Twins), it's definitely Tia and Tamera Mowry (now known as Tia Mowry-Hardrict and Tamera Mowry-Housley). Their hit show "Sister, Sister," which lasted from 1994-1999, follows the exploits of two girls who soon find out they're twins. Tia and her mom Lisa (Jackée Harry) move into Tamera and her dad Ray's (Tim Reid) house to finally get to know each other. Oh, and their neighbor Roger (Marques Houston) comes over all the time to woo hang out with them.

But during the show's six seasons, plenty of familiar faces guest-starred on the sitcom. Some were already famous at the time, while others have since found fame within the past few years.

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    Unfortunately, Kenan and Kel weren't exactly nice on the show. They framed Tamera for copying Tia's personal journal and tried to convince everyone in the school she did it by holding a type of Student Council/open court session. #Rude.

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    The "Empire" star had a small role as "Briana," and according to IMDb, it was her acting debut.

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    Before starring on "That's So Raven," Brown played Clayton, a boy inadvertently set up as Tamera's date.

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    The famous drag queen played Marje, a snooty boutique store owner who snubs Lisa's work.

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    Playing himself, Bryant-as-a-character shot a commercial for popular girl Rhonda's father. He also had a line about loving waffles, because reasons.

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    To be fair, the late Murphy had a recurring role on the show, not a guest-starring one. She played BFF Sarah, the girl who taught the twins how to smoke.

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    The "7th Heaven" star sported long hair in a two-part Thanksgiving episode that was supposed to be set in Hawaii.

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    Before she was the voice of Penny Proud on "The Proud Family," Pratt randomly appeared in Tia's subconscious while Tia was considering taking a summer internship with the WNBA.

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    Tia and Tamera Mowry's baby brother Tahj appeared on the show three different times, each as a different character. His last appearance was as T.J. Henderson, his "Smart Guy" persona.

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    Before he was Marion Moseby on "The Suite Life of Zack and Cody," Lewis played teacher Ed Berry. He also played a campaign consultant named Clifton McNair on two later episodes, because the people at "Sister, Sister" didn't think we'd notice. Guess what? We noticed.

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    Tia and Tamera face off against the Olsen Twins (who played themselves) on a game show. Slime is involved, and the Olsen Twins even say, "You got it, dude," because the '90s will always reign supreme.