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Emily Blunt Is Keeping The 'Edge Of Tomorrow' Sequel Flame Burning Bright

When? Tomorrow? Today? NOW?

With reporting by Josh Horowitz

We may have to wait a little longer than just til tomorrow to see it, but it sounds like that "Edge of Tomorrow" sequel really could happen somewhere down the line.

First, star Tom Cruise taunted us at the "Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation" premiere, saying that he had pitched an idea and it "could be so much fun."

Then writer Christopher McQuarrie jumped on board as well, saying that he was intrigued by what Cruise had cooking.

But the third part of the holy trinity was missing. In Cruise's words: "Gotta get Emily."

At the Toronto International Film Festival promoting her new film "Sicario," Emily Blunt told MTV News that she's heard murmurs of a sequel as well.

"Well, I heard a semblance of an idea," she said. "[Tom] emailed me basically saying, 'are you in?' The others...I think they're sort of the feeling of 'would everyone be up for this'-type of conversations."

So what would this amazing follow-up be? A sequel? Prequel? Side-quel? Perhaps an instructional fitness video? (Because, seriously. #Fitspo.)

"I can't tell you!" Blunt said. "It's just a seedling of an idea. I can't tell you. Don't hate me."

We could never, Emily.