Rebel Wilson / Twitter

Watch Rebel Wilson Freak The Hell Out When A Dinosaur Attacks Her

Run, Rebel, run!

The always hilarious Rebel Wilson was chillin' at Universal Studios Friday when she encountered a new "friend." The "Pitch Perfect" star tried buddying up with a raptor, but he quickly started going berserk — and so did Wilson. Luckily, a Chris Pratt imitator jumped in and saved the day.

"Playing with the raptors is SERIOUS!!! #UniversalStudiosCelebration," captioned Wilson. The face she makes is the sheer definition of "priceless." Let's look at it again, in GIF form.

Even better, let's speed the GIF up, just to remind you nightmares are real.

After the, um, incident, Wilson was able to stand next to the velociraptor without running away in fear. Although, she still looks a little uncertain about the raptor's motives.

Besides hanging out with prehistoric animals, Wilson spent time with some other famous faces while visiting Universal Studios.

Slayyyy girl. But, be sure to avoid dinosaurs from now on. Their bite is definitely worse than their bark.