Watch 'Friends' Reimagined As A Horror Movie And Never Sleep Again

Quick Joey, put this in the freezer!

We didn't realize it until just now, but there were actually some pretty freakin' eerie things that went down over the years on "Friends."

Like when Ross and Phoebe almost got mugged by her old street pal Lowell, or when Glynnis was unleashed upon the world for some inexplicable reason, or when Louisa from homeroom shot Phoebe right in the kisser with a tranquilizer dart ... we could go on.

Thanks to the wonders of the World Wide Interweb (via Moviefone), though, we can all sit back and appreciate just how creepy "Friends" could've been with this "Dead Friends" re-cut of some key scenes from the show.

The vid spliced together some seemingly innocuous moments -- like when Ross started freaking out about seeing Monica and Chandler getting busy together through the window and Rachel and Joey watching "Cujo" together on VHS (because, yes, that was still a thing back then) -- and what resulted was a two-toned thriller trailer that we have to admit changed our minds about the untapped bits of intensity scattered throughout the show.

Cue Ross's epic "Muahahahaha" sound effect from the blackout scene and prepare to get about as much sleep as Phoebs did the day she tried to call in her phone warranty.