7 Reasons Menstrual Cups Are The Best Thing To Ever Happen To Periods

Treat yo'self. Your vajay deserves this.

We recently shared an epically weird but kind-of-amazing rap video all about the Lunette menstrual cup, and that obnoxiously catchy song is now stuck in our heads forever. For the record, Lunette is just one of tons of brands of menstrual cups available -- there's also the Lily Cup, the Keeper, and Moon Cup, to name just a few.

Personally, I'm completely obsessed with my Diva Cup. I started using one almost 15 years ago and have never looked back. Here are 7 reasons menstrual cups are the absolute best:

  1. They're Super Vagina-Friendly

    While there's an ongoing debate about the safety of ingredients in tampons and pads, most menstrual cups are made of medical-grade silicone -- which is awesome at not messing with your vagina's natural PH balance, and not drying you out. Most are also latex and BPA-free, both of which also make vaginas (and bodies) very happy.

  2. You Can Keep Them In Alllllll Day (Or Night)

    Because menstrual cups catch but don't absorb menstrual blood, there's no known risk of TSS, and most of them hold way more liquid than a tampon -- up to 28 grams, versus 6-9 grams for a regular-absorbency tampon.

    So depending on your flow, you can go up to 12 hours without having to empty a cup. This makes it easy to forget you're even on your period on light days. And even on the heaviest of days, once you master proper insertion, they're virtually leak-free, and most people will only need to empty them 2 or 3 times a day -- I usually only have to empty mine once in the morning, and once at night.

  3. They Free You Up To Get Off

    Unlike tampons, menstrual cups stay totally up inside your vajay, and since there are no strings involved, your partner can go down on you without even realizing that you're on your period while you're wearing one -- though it's always nice to disclose that to avoid any super-confusing surprises if they decide to start using their fingers. Ahem.

    You can't have penetrative intercourse with most cups, but there is one disposable cup on the market -- the SoftCup -- that specifically advertises that you can have "clean, comfortable sex" while wearing it. Mess-free period orgasms FTW! (Just remember to be safe!)

  4. They're Awesome For The Environment

    The average menstruator throws away 250-300 pounds of pads, tampons, wrappers, and applicators in their lifetime, and the bleaching process used to make pads and tampons white also takes a serious toll on the environment. Many menstrual cups are re-usable for up to ten years with proper care, so using one is like hugging a whole lot of trees every time you have your period.

  5. You'll Save A TON Of $$

    Periods can get hella expensive. Most cups will cost you around $30, which will save you a ton of money on pads and tampons over the years -- especially if you manage to keep the same one for 10 years (I did it. It's really possible!).

  6. No More Panicked Trips To The Store For Tampons

    Most cups come with their own cutesie carrying bag, but if you prefer an upgrade there are also a ton of more deluxe options available on Esty -- which makes it easy to always be prepared for your period. I just keep mine in my bag at all times when I'm not using it, which means I get to avoid not only panicked trips to the store every time I forget to put a new "just-in-case" pad in my bag, but also that feeling when you have to ask every stranger in a public restroom one-by-one if they have a spare tampon.

  7. They Let You Travel Lighter

    Taking a vacay while on your period still isn't ideal, but it's so nice to not have to think about packing for it. Imagine what you can do with that valuable bit of space being taken up by pads and tampons in your suitcase. An extra book? One more pair of shoes? Another back-up dress option for that dinner you still can't decide on an outfit for? The possibilities are endless, really.