Alison Brie Reveals Her Number One Rule For Self-Pleasure

Brie and Jason Sudeikis bring their "Sleeping With Other People" tips to MTV News.

With reporting by Josh Horowitz

In their (hilarious) new modern rom-com "Sleeping With Other People," Alison Brie and Jason Sudeikis -- who play a serial cheater and a womanizer, respectively -- have a pretty explicit conversation involving a Snapple bottle and the wonders of female masturbation. (Yup, it's just that kind of movie.)

But since both of the actors are in committed, long-term relationships in real life (with Dave Franco and Olivia Wilde, natch), we just had to ask them if the same rules of self-pleasure apply outside of "Sleeping With Other People."

"I'd say you don't want to have any parental photographs in your eye-line," Brie told MTV News, offering up her best piece of advice to our -- Brie named -- "Masturbation Station."

"Make sure there's a lock on your door," Sudeikis added.

As far as where a human being should never engage in an act of self-pleasure, Sudeikis offered up a pretty expert tip: "Congress," he said.

The conversation only got more silly and raunchy from there, but Brie assured us that when it comes to the movie itself, silly and raunchy is what makes it work -- because it's just how modern couples like to talk in the here and now.

"This is a cool, indie movie, about two people falling in love, and about relationships and sex, and all that stuff," she said. "But the people are contemporary, and they talk the way that we talk in 2015. It just felt more real."