Tinder Reveals Its Game-Changing New Feature 'Bad Blood' Style

Right swipes, sit down. Now there's an UP SWIPE.

Starting today, Tinder users in Australia will never swipe the same again. On Wednesday, September 9, the app announced its latest feature, the Super Like, in a video that's freakishly similar to superhero movies and Taylor Swift's "Bad Blood" music vid. Maybe you've heard of it?

In Tinder's short, model Erin Heatherton stars as Super Like, a heroine who defends a Tinderella (fellow model Nina Agdal) from unwanted advances by men on the app. Check it out below.

Basically, the Super Like is a Right Swipe times a bajillion. When you see someone you really, really dig on the app, you swipe up on them instead of right to indicate that you think they're basically the sh-t. You only get one Super Like per day, so when you match with someone who Super Likes you back, you know that person thinks you're the coolest of them all. What you do with that info, of course, is totally up to the two of you. ?

"We wanted Super Likes to be really special while making sure everyone can use them, so to start we’re giving Tinder users one Super Like to send each day," Tinder explained on its blog. "You can’t bank Super Likes, so use your daily Super Like, and use it wisely!"

The Super Like is currently only available in Australia but will roll out in other countries in the next few months. In the meantime, the rest of us non-Australian Tinderers will have to make do with the lowly Right Swipe. ?

H/T Elite Daily