'Faking It' Bombshell: So 'That's' Why Karmy Kissed In The Pool

Take it from us — it wasn't because of the red Solo cups.

Finally, the truth comes out! (And boy, does the truth hurt.)

After warring it out in the halls of Hester High (something about cheesy hump day videos and scattered journal pages) on tonight's episode of Faking It, Amy and Karma were forced to confront their elephant-sized friendship demons. Amid rodents and rotten vegetables, the ladies let their pain flags fly -- hurling statements of who hurt who more (and who kissed who), which culminated in the truth about that smooch.


"Maybe I kissed you in the pool because maybe a small part of me does want you to be in love with me," Karma humbly said. "Because it feels good. I know, it's so selfish. I don't want to keep hurting you, Amy. But I don't know how to be your friend without hurting you."

Whoa... so it wasn't solely the red Solo cups talking! On a subconscious level, Karma knew what she was doing the entire time. When she feels lonely or even the least bit rejected, K finds some way to reel A back in -- whether she's broken up over Liam or bitter about Dylan. Our fear is that Karma's breakup with her Hawaiian heartthrob will set the vicious cycle in motion all over again: Karma semi-accidentally toying with Amy's emotions, leaving her forced to piece her heart back together, leading to Karmygeddon: The Sequel. *shudder*

Your theories? Sound off, and see what becomes of Karmy next Tuesday at 10:30/9:30c!

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