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Beyoncé Shared Some Words For A New Mag Feature - But Not How You Think

This new Bey spread is full of FLAUNT.

Beyoncé has now reached such an untouchable level of stardom that it totally precludes her from doing interviews anymore (apparently), as we learned from her epic September cover issue of "Vogue" wherein she let others do the talking for her while she strutted her fancy stuff for the shoot and made a behind-the-scenes movie showcasing her very Beyness.

So, it's no surprise that in her latest magazine cover feature -- for the newest issue of FLAUNT Magazine, she's not shelling out any sound bites about her experience as reigning ruler of the world universe because SHHHH. No talky, just sing-y. That's her thing now.

She did, however, play a little game of word association that in and of itself speaks volumes about what goes on in that gorgeous head of hers.

The more we look at this thing, the more we realize that, yes, this is even better than a discussion of, say, Blue's current obsession with "Dora the Explorer" (peep the mic) or whether she'll ever try to oust Taylor Swift and/or Kim Kardashian and assume her rightful throne atop the Instagram follower regime.

Instead, she's teaching us that her response to the idea of competition is a flip of the bird and that she knows how to effectively use the cross-through delete maneuver to ramp up a joke about celebrities. We also now know that she gets her bedroom pointers from Cosmo, her drink of choice is Sangria with extra fruit, and you shouldn't call her iconic -- even though, um, she is -- because that's an overused descriptor in her book.

In addition to her taking us to school over vocabulary here, there are also some super saucy new photos of Beyoncé in the sun to savor.

Clearly, a picture is worth a thousand interviews.