George Clooney's Fake 'Late Show' Movie Is The Best Film You'll Never See

'Decision Strike': Coming never to a theater near you.

Stephen Colbert's first "Late Show" episode on September 8 came off like a promise: That his tenure as host will include all the political intrigue, Hollywood glitz, and unscripted surprises that make latenight TV so much fun.

However, last night's greatest moment of promise? Was a lie.

George Clooney was Colbert's first ever celebrity guest as "Late Show" host -- but unlike most celeb guests on latenight, Clooney is currently between films and didn't have any particular project to promote.

So, he and Colbert invented one: "Decision Strike," a political action thriller featuring George as a bomb-defusing, lady-killing, bird-mangling Secretary General.

Check out the exciting series of "clips" from this "film" in the video below. Tragically, it actually looks kind of awesome.