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Jackson Rathbone's 15 Artsiest Instapics Ever

Feast your eyes on the former vamp's finest photos.

It looks like Jackson Rathbone is officially a triple threat. Not only is he a talented actor and musician, but it also appears the "Twilight Saga" alum has some skills behind the lens too.

Rathbone, who's an exciting new addition to the "Finding Carter" cast for the fall season, has developed a pretty solid collection of snaps on his Instagram page.

Whether it's a case of enhanced vampire vision still lingering on from his residence in Forks or his general rockstar-ness bleeding over into his daily life, we wanted to give a mini-tip of the cowboy hat to J.Rad and his great 'gram game by plucking out our very faves.

  1. Here he saw the potential in his kid traipsing down the hall like a shadowy baddie in a Stanley Kubrick flick.
  2. And would you look at that? A toddler temper tantrum can actually be a work of art if you want it to.
  3. You WISH you had J’s security camera selfie game.
  4. He knows exactly when to snap that shot of some pals re-creating a movie scene.

    (Yes, that is his “Twilight” sis Nikki Reed you see there on top.)

  5. Hey, if you’re gonna take a selfie in your wife’s sunglasses, make it a double.
  6. And speaking of key mirror implementation.
  7. Who doesn’t want LEGO pals to join in on coffee time?
  8. He’s also got some sweet boot shots going on throughout his feed.
  9. His kid is totally larger than life.
  10. Jackson likes to go for the timeless filter treatment.
  11. For a former vampire, he’s got a good eye for sunshine.
  12. Submitted without comment.
  13. Here’s the true toy story.
  14. You can actually feel this mic calling for someone to sing here.
  15. Finally, his smoldering selfie routine is 100%. Important.