Tom Hardy Is Already Having The Best September Ever

A bid for Bond and a baby on the way.

It's only September 8th, but we're going to go ahead and declare Tom Hardy the Official Champion of the Month.

First came the news that he and his wife, actress Charlotte Riley, are expecting their first child together. Charlotte showed off her baby bump in a sleek black dress last week at the "Legends" premiere...

...and managed to keep her ensemble miraculously free of dog hair being shed by her husband's other date.

And while he's getting ready to play the role of Dad to a brand-new baby, Tom might also want to brush up on his secret agent moves. According to a report from EW, Hardy has just emerged as the odds-on favorite to play James Bond once Daniel Craig leaves the franchise, edging out favorites Damian Lewis and Idris Elba as the bookies' top bet.

Meanwhile, this is all clearly a sign that the universe has magically aligned this September to rain down all kinds of exciting developments on Tom Hardy's head -- and it's probably not over. What else could happen for him this month? We've got thoughts:

  • Adopting a furry family member

    With a baby on the way, now is the perfect time for Tom to preserve his run of excitement and his household's human-to-dog ratio by bringing a new puppy on board, too.

  • A lucrative spokesperson gig

    It's about time someone nabbed this man to be the (beautiful) face of some brand or another, just in time for a major fall fashion campaign.

  • Putting the Bane mask back on

    The only thing better than Hardy as Bond, James Bond, would be seeing him play Bane again -- this time in a stand-alone prequel flick that delves into the backstory of the fascinating villain. Announce this, Hollywood!