Rev Up Those Broomsticks! You Can Actually VISIT 'Halloweentown'

"Halloween is cool."

Few things are more sacred than Halloween, and the 1998 Disney Channel cult film "Halloweentown" is right at the top of the list. (Also, that movie came out 17 years ago. Let that sink in for a sec.) A town that's completely filled with monsters, ghouls and witches sounds like a dream come true for some people. Well, guess what? "Halloweentown" lives!

According to IMDb, "Halloweentown" filmed in various locations in Oregon. Every year, Spirit of Halloweentown visits St. Helen's, Oregon and parties it up, Halloween-style. However, it's now been brought to the attention of non-St. Helen's residents that there's an homage to the Disney film.

Remember the ginormous jack-o-lantern from the movie?

Here's the courthouse and jack-o-lantern in 2014:

Spirit of Halloweentown shares plenty of festival activities on its website, but here's an event I'm particularly interested in, come October.

That is a legit replica of "Halloweentown's" jack-o-lantern!

Tumblr user hall0w33nn discovered the connection back in 2013, sharing photos of how "Halloweentown" has been faring since the original movie premiered in 1998.

According to Movie Pilot, St. Helen's "sets up an entire replication of the set used in the film, complete with photo-ops, tours, and costume contests that your inner child can be a part of every weekend in October." Sign us up NOW!

Oh, and don't forget: