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Big Sean’s ‘IDFWU’ Is Now A Scathing Anti-Donald Trump Anthem

This rapper isn't a Trump all.

Donald Trump’s got a lot of critics and some of them happen to be rappers. One of those MCs — Jerry Diaz — took Big Sean’s “IDFWU” and turned it into "I Won't Vote For You (IWVFU)" a harsh anti-Trump anthem.

“I heard you runnin’ for president and it’s making me sick,” Diaz rhymes on "IWVFU" to the tune of Sean Don’s hit. “Talkin’ ‘bout building a wall to keep out Mexicans/ So we’re here to represent all immigrants/ To let you know, real quick, that I won’t vote for you.”

The track makes a reference to Trump’s June presidential announcement when he said Mexico sends “drugs,” “crime” and “rapists” to America. Since then, Trump's said Jed Bush -- who is also running for president -- should stop speaking Spanish "while in the United States."

Diaz isn’t the only MC who’s criticized Trump. Jeezy also made his position clear last month with a series of tweets.

Pitbull is another MC who's been outspoken against Trump. He's said he won't even visit one of the business man's hotels.

Clearly, rappers aren't the only ones against Trump. In fact, 82 percent of Latinos view Trump unfavorably, according to a poll released today, as per CNN. A separate CNN article released last week says that number is 79 percent for black voters.

Trump has supporters too. 48 percent of white voters, for instance, have a positive opinion of him. Plus, The New York Times reports that in “poll after poll of Republicans” Trump is leading among women, evangelic Christians, moderates, and among college educated voters.