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These 'Scream Queens' Bathtub Pics Are Giving Us Mad #SquadGoals

Minus the creepy Red Devil mask.

"Scream Queens" just revealed the show's opening credits, and they're hilariously campy. The evil Red Devil enjoys popping up and wreaking havoc like the villain he (or she) is, causing all the characters to scream bloody murder. Recently, some of the female cast members shared spooky bathtub pics, all having the Red Devil mask lurking somewhere in the background. Because let's get real here, the dude's probably always watching.

So basically, EVERYONE IS A SUSPECT. Plus, there are tons of other possible culprits as well, including Nick Jonas, Keke Palmer, Ariana Grande, Skyler Samuels and Jamie Lee Curtis.


It's a no-brainer everyone's having a blast during filming, especially after a large selfie emerged on various cast members' social media pages a few days ago.

In essence, they are the definition of #SquadGoals, an inspiration to us all.

Bottom line: "Scream Queens" needs to premiere already!