Crystal Ro / BuzzFeed

An Artist Illustrated The People Who Voiced Famous Disney Movies As Their Characters And It’s Awesome

What would the voices of ‘Frozen’ look like if it was a live-action movie instead of a cartoon?

Instead of the iconic cartoons we all know and love, what if Disney movies were all live action?

Crystal Ro at BuzzFeed imagined what some the voice actors of classic Disney cartoons like "Brave," "Frozen," "Tangled" and more would look like if we saw their beautiful faces along with their gorgeous acting and singing voices.

Idina Menzel, owner of the set of pipes that sang "Let It Go" looks splendid as her "Frozen" character Elsa and Kristen Bell as her free-spirited sister Anna, looks great in real life as well.

The most surprising fit, however, goes to Tom Hanks as Woody from the "Toy Story" films. He really just ... looks like Woody. It makes us want a live-action reboot of the series of films -- but they might have to rethink Tim Allen as Buzz Lightyear because he looks a little creepy.

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