Elle Fanning's Senior Pic 'Beauty Pose' Is Absolutely Ridiculous

Remember: A proper senior photo should be as awkward as possible.

If you're feeling bummed about the end of summer, here's a little solidarity for ya: Even Elle Fanning, Hollywood star, is headed back to school this month.

And like all soon-to-be high school grads, even Elle has to suffer through the weird indignity of sitting in unnatural "glamour" poses for her official senior portrait -- a process which she's happy to recreate in all its super awkwardness for an audience of millions.

The actress was on "The Tonight Show" last night (Sept. 1) to talk about all things back-to-school, and also to give us a lesson in proper senior pic posing.

It's a little bit crazy to realize that school picture-taking has changed not at all in the new millenium.

It's also a little bit vindicating to see that even someone as beautiful and poised as Elle Fanning looks completely ridiculous in that looking-over-the-shoulder pose that feels like you're trying to rotate your head all the way around a la "The Exorcist."