Let John Green Give You The Back-To-School Pep Talk You Really Needed

Okay, okay. He has me convinced.

It feels like any time you get hung up on the monotonous or suck-tastic parts of every day life, John Green comes out with a video that forces you to regroup and think about it in a more complex (and less complain-y) way -- and back-to-school season is no different.

You may be slithering your way through syllabus week or those slow-go introductory days (and definitely/maybe already starting your winter break countdown) but the "Fault In Our Stars" author makes a pretty solid case for why you should be pretty freakin stoked to be back in class and working out all your academic funk muscles.

Because, yeah, you're totally going to need this school stuff in the real world. (Except for "the mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell." You probably won't use that.)

Curse you for not letting us wallow in our self-loathing, John Green. Curse you. (And thanks, I guess. Whatever.)