Victoria Justice Is Putting 'Snelfie' In The Dictionary

NBD, just adding to the lexicon.

Victoria Justice has just one word for you, and that word is... snelfie.

Which is a pretty excellent word, if she says so herself.

Victoria was on "The Tonight Show" Monday (August 31) to promote her new movie, "Naomi and Ely's No-Kiss List," but she also had a second objective: to popularize "snelfie" (that's a selfie you take while snorkeling, natch) until it replaces the current definition of "snelfie" (a selfie you take while sneezing) as the most popular on Urban Dictionary.

The actress also joined host Jimmy Fallon in unraveling a few of the stranger mysteries of the modern lexicon: words like "margraine" and "braux pas." Check out her crash course in slang below: