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Watch Princesses Peach And Zelda Duke It Out In A 'Super Smash Bros.' IRL Battle

There can only be one princess in the Nintendo realm.

At long last, Princesses Peach and Zelda duke it out in an all-out brawl that would make Mario and Link proud. Andrew McMurry (AndrewMFilms on YouTube) uploaded this video August 25, and it's basically a "Super Smash Bros." battle IRL.

To be fair, Peach inadvertently started it by smacking a Goomba into the back of Zelda's head. (Ouch.) Naturally, Zelda was all like, "This b--ch," and commenced fighting. McMurry used popular sound effects from the video game franchise that'll make any player nostalgic. Even Zelda's alter ego Sheik pops out for some butt-kicking, because why not?

May the best princess win.

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