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See Every Single Insane Miley Cyrus Outfit At The VMAs

There are SO. MANY.

IDK about you, but Miley Cyrus hosting the VMAs is the best thing to happen for awards show wardrobes, like, ever. She continually brings her style A-game on the regular, so we can only imagine the amazingness she'll bring to the entire 2015 VMAs show. Keep your eyes locked here all night as we update you on all the Simone Harouche-styled Miley 'fits in real time!

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    If there's one way to kick off the show you're about to host, it's in a basically-naked, Barbarella-inspired ensemble paired with over-the-knee silver boots. WERQUEEE.

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    BONUS: The backside because, um, duh.

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    For her opening monologue, she sported a neon daisy bolero embellished with Preciosa Crystal Components paired with a sequin halter top and bellbottoms all by The Blonds.

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    For her ~lessons on Instagram~, she wore a furry pink and orange jacket with eyes and a rainbow hairpiece with flower earrings and sequin leggings.

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    Then, she switched to a '60s-inspired white cut-out dress (if this even counts as a dress) with pom-pom details and a furry scrunchie.

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    We're calling it now: This will probably be her most memorable ensemble of the night for, um, reasons. She wore eyes as a bra and a mouth as a skirt paired with a orange plastic visor.

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    In another look, she went all-out '90s in a tattoo choker paired with a matching printed vest and pants set. Also, LOOK AT THAT RUPAUL PIN. Yasss.

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    Miley hits the stage again in cut-out sunglasses and a clear plastic dress with buttons in all the right places.

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    Her biggest ode to the early 2000s definitely had to be this head-to-toe (literally) hot pink ensemble featuring a matching ponytail, harness and wide-leg pants.

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    After Justin Bieber was moved to tears during his performance, Miley took to the stage in a totally tinseled-out ensemble. Like, she even has some in her hair, y'all.

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    ...And then underneath she revealed yet another look–a very (very!) high-cut holographic leotard.

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    When Miley ate some weed brownies with Snoop Dogg, she sported a cozy printed robe with two fuzzy high (heh) ponytails and super glittery eyes.

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    Then, she took some very literal inspiration from the LGBT pride flag by wearing a square covered in rainbow stripes with matching stacked bangles.

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    Miley wanted to go for something more "serious" in this onstage ensemble, so obviously she opted for a crop top and pants covered in mirrored sequins.

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    We don't know if this officially counts as a look, but Miley Cyrus accidentally freeing her nipple definitely was ~a moment~.

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    To close the show, Miley wore a cut-out art deco BCalla creation with (very appropriate) peace shades and matching earrings. The color scheme, BCalla told MTV News, was based off of the colors in her new video. The entire design process for the finale outfits took four weeks—three for production, one for fittings. Dang.

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    Oh, did you think she was done with the outfit changes for the evening? NOPE. She visited the press room in a custom dress that said the name of the song debuted literally minutes earlier, "Dooo It!"