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We're Sorry You Have A #Manflu, Niall Horan -- Here's How To Treat It

Feel better!

Fans of One Direction are totally devastated that the band is ready to go on hiatus. But there's a silver lining -- now that he can finally catch a break, Niall Horan will have plenty of time to rest, relax, and recuperate from his recent illness.

The 1D-er told his Twitter followers on Sunday (August 30) that he woke up achy and feverish, which can only be the result of one dastardly disease: the #manflu. Say it ain't so!

What's the difference between a regular flu and a man flu? Do you grow a thicker beard and have a harder time expressing your feelings? (Actually, it's slang in the UK and Ireland for when men have a cold but exaggerate it to make themselves sound tougher. But beard growth makes for a funnier joke!)

Either way, it doesn't sound like fun, so here's some products we think might be specially attuned to Niall's current man-needs. Feel better soon!

  • Man Tissues

    For your man sneezes!

  • Man Chapstick

    Let's face it, your face is gonna get all dry and gross and probably emasculated.

  • Man Tea

    Not only is this tea for men, but it supposedly helps you gain muscle! So you can be even manlier! Maaaaan.

  • Man Soup

    Well, Soupman soup. But the guy from "Seinfeld" makes it so it's bound to make you healthier and more aggressive, just like he is. NO FLU FOR YOU!

  • Man Lozenges

    Actually, maybe Niall was just trying to court favors from the Manflu company, which is a thing that really exists, with his tweet. Can't blame him for that. What's Twitter for if not trying to nab free samples from brands?