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This Is Why Kelly Osbourne Won't Be Asking Fashion Questions On The VMAs Red Carpet

The MTV Video Music Awards are not your average awards show, and as we saw at the 2015 Movie Awards, Kelly Osbourne is absolutely not your average red carpet host. So, it's only fitting that Kelly O, her lavender hair, and her lavender carpet all come back for the 2015 VMAs.

This year's show is all about embracing the unexpected—honestly, how else can you approach anything that boasts Miley Cyrus as master of ceremonies?—and Kelly is certainly applying that to her post as VMA red carpet pre-show co-host. "I asked MTV if I can bring my best friend to work with me so he can ask fashion-related questions, since everyone will be expecting me to say it," Kelly revealed Saturday (August 29) at Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles, CA. "So, all he's saying is 'What are you wearing?'"

In Kelly's own way, the decision follows up on the #AskHerMore initiative while still squeezing in a little fashion shop talk. "I do agree with what they've been saying recently, like, 'Why don't we ask the women about career achievements and why they're here tonight instead of just what they're wearing?' she elaborated. "Even though, if you really think about it, that's what [people] really want to know because they know why they're there."

In terms of fashion, the VMAs are definitely a place for unchecked self-expression—the kind that gives you gems like Lil Kim's single pasty outfit or Lady Gaga's meat dress—but as Kelly explains, for transformations, too, "When you cut back to two years ago when Selena [Gomez] came in the beautiful Versace, no one had seen her in a grown up gown—beautiful and sexy—it gave a whole new layer to Selena."

As the daughter of a musician and a long-time part of the MTV family in her own right, she's been attending the VMAs since she was very young, "The things that I have seen people do at this awards show, I haven't seen at any other awards show. Ever." Can you imagine being right there when Courtney Love infamously threw her makeup compact at Madonna during an interview? Well, Kelly was, and she was only 11 years old.

Now, she's poised to be the center of some iconic VMA moments of her own—she teased that she'll have a part in Nick Jonas's pre-show performance. And with a carpet position so close to the paparazzi, she's fully aware there's a risk that a photographer might capture a moment when she's not paying attention, "I better not pick my wedgie or do a sniff check because that will be the only picture that anyone ever sees 'Kelly at the VMAs, checking to see if she has B.O.,'" she joked.

Be sure to catch Kelly on the VMA red carpet Sunday night!