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21 Reasons Twenty One Pilots Fans Have Already Won The VMAs

TOP fans have taken over Twitter... are YOU ready?!

It’s damn near impossible to predict which Video Music Awards performer is going to deliver the most epic moment of the night. Hedge your bets all you want, but with a lineup as wildly talented as we’ve got, it’s really anyone’s game.

Ask Twitter, though, and there already seems to be a clear front-runner: VMA newbies Twenty One Pilots, a.k.a. the electrifying duo comprised of Tyler Joseph and Josh Dun. The guys will be sharing the stage with A$AP Rocky on Sunday night, and TOP fans have already started trending the hashtag #areyøuready in anticipation.

Take a look at these 21 reactions that perfectly sum up how fans are gearing up for the guys’ big VMA debut:

There are the fans who are all, “F--K YEAH, WE’RE READY!”

But then there are some fans who are frankly unprepared for the ensuing awesomeness.

Which is understandable because, hey, it’s going to be an emotional experience.

Some fans’ ability to “even” is just nil. They *cannot even* with the sheer anticipation.

Make sure you take the appropriate precautions to ensure you don’t miss TOP’s performance, like these dedicated fans.

And make sacrifices if necessary (but hey, watching with your fam is not the worst ... maybe they’ll be converted into TOP fans!).

Because this is going to be an epic performance -- you have no idea what’s coming.

And we’re all pretty proud of Tyler and Josh; they definitely deserve something as awesome as this.

There’s just one question: Are we at MTV even prepared for this?!

Oh yeah, clique ... we’re READY!