AP Photo/AMC, Frank Ockenfels

Finally We Know If Walter White's Final 'Breaking Bad' Plan Would Actually Work IRL

Is Walt's machine-gun rig plausible or busted?

Warning: "Breaking Bad" spoilers lie ahead, but c'mon, you should really have seen the show by now.

As you may recall, the final episode of "Breaking Bad" features a bonkers plan concocted by troubled protagonist Walter White in which a massive, military-grade machine gun pops up from the trunk of his car, fires through the walls of a building and mows down all the bad neo-Nazis inside.

You could easily find the scene on YouTube (or watch the full episode on Netflix), but in the interest of time, I'll use this perfect GIF to give you a visual illustration of what it looks like instead.


Pretty badass, right?

Well, there's been some talk as to whether or not this could actually work IRL (of course) -- meaning whether or not the mechanism could actually function in that way AND whether or not it could kill with such accuracy. So naturally, Jamie Hyneman and Adam Savage (aka the "MythBusters") took up the case to find out.

Granted, these dudes are industrial design professionals who live and breathe gizmos, but it's still crazy impressive to see them (OK, their team) rig up a near-carbon copy of Walt's deadly contraption using "stuff you could buy within a local town, like Walt had to do," as Adam points out. And once it's built, they legitimately spring-load it in the trunk of a classic car and fire it at more or less the exact same angle at a wall constructed to be a replica of the shelter from the episode.

The results are predictably loud, chaotic and totally insightful (and feature an unexpected cameo from Vince Gilligan, the creator of "Breaking Bad.")

I won't spoil the video -- like I just spoiled the end of the entire series -- but let's just say it's worth watching to finally answer the question: Could the outrageously violent stuff that happens on "Breaking Bad" actually happen in real life? Now you'll finally have something new to debate about until "Better Call Saul" returns for season two.