17 Times Miley Wearing Pasties Inspired The Freakiest Fan Art

Miley really looks good in anything and nothing

If you didn't know Miley Cyrus is hosting the 2015 VMAs, I'm actually a little impressed. That rock you're living under? Must be a pretty large boulder! The rest of the planet has been spending the past few weeks in anticipation -- including devoted Smilers, who've been getting crafty ahead of the event.

Using footage from this year's promo campaign for the VMAs, fans made some pretty awesome pictures and videos. (If you haven't made any of your own, it's not too late to make some cool stuff.) In the meantime, check out 17 fan-made videos and GIFs featuring Miley looking like pretty much the most beautiful naked angel.

  1. Artist: @Getstudios

  2. Artist: @reedandrader

  3. Artist:@olihardman

  4. Artist: @creattovis

  5. Artist: @kaqui_

  6. Artist: @Outnumberedclo

  7. Artist: @Mac

  8. Artist: @artschoolcool

  9. Artist: @angelo

  10. Artist: @mrjakemathew

  11. Artist: @rougesr

  12. Artist: NashGFX

  13. Artist: @mrguyza

  14. Artist: @keenkeee

  15. Artist: @rhonnytufino

  16. Artist: @mrguyza

  17. Artist: @creattovis