You Will Have Huge Respect For Paul Bettany After Watching His 'Avengers' Makeup Process

Also, get a glimpse at what he'll look like in 'Civil War.'

Paul Bettany has been kicking around the Marvel Cinematic Universe longer than just about anybody, but he's only been in full-on superhero mode for one movie now. Judging by the process it takes to become the Vision, however, you couldn't blame him for wanting to push the evolution off as long as possible.

Entertainment Weekly posted a behind-the-scenes feature from the "Avengers: Age of Ultron" Blu-ray showcasing Bettany's transformation into Vision, a 90-minute makeup process that involves getting a rubber balaclava glued to his face, and finding himself clad in a muscled costume outfitted with a cooling system. Imagine doing this every single day for weeks and weeks on end. Sounds fun, right?

"It's a little bit like being inside a gin and tonic," he explains.

You could almost imagine Vision sipping on a gin and tonic, looking at some of the images of Bettany as Vision in the video. At the eight-second mark, and then again at 48 seconds, you can see Bettany wearing normal people clothes, paired with his pink-and-green Vision face.

It's… surreal. But you should get used to it now, because it's about to become reality: Vision will wear civilian garb in his next MCU appearance, based on early reports of footage from "Captain America: Civil War."

The "Avengers" Blu-ray lands on October 2, and "Captain America" hits next year on May 6.