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A Suspected Car Thief Danced To Future And Drake While Being Chased By Cops

We're not kidding.

What do you do if you're being chased by cops? Some people keep driving until they run out of gas. Others pull over. But one woman in downtown Los Angeles decided to interrupt a police pursuit to dance to Future's Drake-assisted "Where Ya At" single.

It all went down Wednesday (Aug. 26) when the woman - whose name was not released by ABC - reportedly ran through red lights and in and out of traffic before being stopped by cops on East 8th Street.

The report says the suspected car thief was believed to be under the influence at the time of the chase. We’re assuming they don’t mean Drizzy and Hendrix influence, though it’s clear they inspired her dance moves.

"Where Ya At" appears on Future's DS2 album which came out in July. The song - which features Drake - also got the video treatment recently and it quickly became a meme-maker's dream thanks to awesome dance moves and the eye-roll of the year.