19 Undeniable Truths About School, As Told By Cartoons

Cartoons wouldn't lie to you.

Going back to school can be nerve-wracking at times: New students, new teachers, hard classes, crappy food, the list goes on and on. Luckily, cartoons let kids know EXACTLY how school life will be.

Basically they taught us that if you show up for like two minutes, never do (or have) homework and take a test with only one question, you'll slay. So, we compiled a list of absolute truths about school all kids can expect to see this coming school year.

  1. Tests are only one question long.

    And you'll magically know the answer, thanks to a fluke.

  2. Mutant creatures will run rampant on campus.
  3. Your field trips will be literally out of this world.
  4. If you're popular and rich, this will be your daily lunch getup.
  5. You're going to learn extremely complicated subjects at a young age.

    You're starting kindergarten? Prepare to learn all about temporal physics!

  6. An alien will steal your organs to appear more human.


  7. Your textbooks will have eyes (and are actually FAIRY GODPARENTS).
  8. Your teacher will regularly fall asleep in class.

    Which'll give you enough time to fly to Egypt in your homemade hovercraft, party with mummies and get back to school in time before she wakes up. Naturally.

  9. There is a king, and you better obey him.
  10. Everyone wears the same clothes — every single day.

    Outfit repeater? What's that?

  11. Your school play will have a weird fruit theme, complete with ~fancy~ costumes.
  12. You will literally drown in a mountain of failed papers.
  13. Your health science class will make you take care of a sack of flour for a week.
  14. Your classmates will be real animals.
  15. You're allowed to bring your pet monkey to school.

    And not just on "Show and Tell" day.

  16. No one cares if your grandfather goes back to school with you.
  17. When you take notes, you don't have to actually write words. Scribbles work just fine.
  18. Impromptu musical numbers are not uncommon.
  19. Creativity? Forget about it.
  20. Spell check? Not important.
  21. And finally, this is the face you'll probably be making five days a week for the next nine months.

Happy back to school!