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This Video Of Amy Schumer Rapping With Talib Kweli Will Cheer You Up

Hip-hop Amy makes it better.

In case you need a pick-me-up because, you know, there are lots of sads that abound at the moment, Amy Schumer is here to offer up a spot of lyrical cheer.

Schumer, Brooklyn rapper Talib Kweli, and her brother's jazz band The Jason Stein Quartet performed in Chicago Tuesday night (Aug. 25) at Constellation, and during Talib's set, Amy decided to pitch in and have a little fun with rhymes on the stage.

Talib performed Kanye West's "Get 'Em High," which featured Kweli alongside Common and Kanye's then-GF Sumeke Rainey, and as shown in this video Schumer posted on Instagram, she stepped in to tackle Rainey's bit.

Here is a longer version which shows all of Schumer's portion from the crowd perspective.

Those lyrics, in case you didn't catch them, are:

You mean Talib? Lyrics sticks to your rib

That's my favorite CD that I play at my crib

You don't really know him, why is you lyin'?

Amy shouldn't go and quit her day job or anything just yet but a worthy cameo to be sure. Maybe even better than that time she sang Irish folk songs at a pub after she and "Trainwreck" director Judd Apatow crashed a random wedding.