Why Chiwetel Ejiofor Was The Only One Not Loving That 'Star Wars' Trailer

The "Z For Zachariah" star explains why "Chewie, we're home" should come with a trigger warning.

With reporting by Josh Horowitz

Throughout the "12 Years a Slave" Oscar season, Chiwetel Ejiofor had to deal with a whole lot of butchering when it came to the pronunciation of his name. But when the actor sat down with MTV News ahead of a press day for his latest film, the post-apocalyptic-with-a-love-triangle Sundance hit "Z For Zachariah," he revealed that anything is better than his childhood nickname... one he has in common with a certain famous Wookiee.

"Chewie was something that I was called growing up," he said. "It makes my teeth itch. Even in the 'Star Wars' trailer the other day, where [Han Solo] says 'Chewie, we're home,' I was like [cringes]. My hair stood up on the back of my neck... Did you ever ask Chewbacca if you could shorten his name?"

Sounds like a pretty rough thing for a little kid to deal with, tbqh. And be sure to check out the video for more rough stuff from Ejiofor -- basically, what it was like to have Chris Pine woo his love interest (Margot Robbie) away from him in "Z For Zachariah."

At the very least, hopefully he can sleep at night knowing that this devil didn't successfully steal his girl? (To me, you are a crappy friend, Andrew Lincoln.)

"Z For Zachariah" hits theaters August 28.