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Ed Sheeran Wrote Rita Ora One Of The Most 'Incredible' Love Songs

'Thank God someone wrote that in a song.'

Rita Ora is promising that you will hear one of the most "incredible" love songs ever on her upcoming album, courtesy of love song extraordinaire Ed Sheeran.

Rita confirmed back in May that the two teamed up for a song, but we are finally getting a little more insight on what the track is all about.

"The record that I have with Ed, he's not featured on, he just wrote. It's called 'Us' and for me, it's one of the most sweetest, heartwarming, incredible love songs-slash-reality that I've ever heard," Rita told Rap-Up. "And it kinda makes me think, ‘Thank God that someone wrote that in a song.'"

Rita said that the song perfectly fits in with the sound she is going for on this album, which is "hip-hop to R&B to soul," and the subject matter for the album.

"It's about expressing my sexuality, expressing my independence as a female, being really honest with my past," she said.

When revealing the news that she and the "Thinking Out Loud" singer teamed up for a song, the "Body On Me" singer revealed that this love song actually took a page out of their personal lives.

“I did this incredibly beautiful song with Ed about our friendship; he's one of my best friends,” she said an interview to Noisey. “It's amazing having a friend in this industry of the opposite sex that you haven't hooked up with. He's such a legend. I respect him in so many ways.”