5SOS Consider Good Charlotte Their ‘Big Band Brothers’

These guys are basically besties.

It's pretty much official that 5 Seconds Of Summer are BFFs with The Madden Brothers.

Joel and Benji have been hard at work with the foursome readying their upcoming second album, Sounds Good Feels Good, but it seems like the Good Charlotte guys have been giving them a lot more than just music tips.

"They're like our big band brothers. Every day, they have another motivational speech," Calum Hood recently told us. "They come up with the best analogies, like Joel told me the other day, and it was an astronaut analogy."

Turns out Calum wasn't the only one who got the astronaut analogy speech. All of the guys chimed in, adding that Joel bestowed his words of wisdom upon them. But only Ashton could remember exactly what he said.

"It was about touring life and being on a bus, like this is almost a spaceship, and we are the astronauts, and you can't really explain to people who aren't astronauts what you experience on tour," Ashton said. "But you can explain it to other astronauts, and he was saying that I'm a fellow astronaut. He's very good with words."

He's also very good with music too, since he and Benji both recently joined the guys on stage for their Rock Out With Your Socks Out Tour and helped co-write the band's latest single, "She's Kinda Hot."

No word on if the Madden brothers joined in on that group-kiss after they finished writing the song.