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Here's Lil Wayne's 'Straight Outta Compton' Review

The rapper gives his take on the rap group's biopic.

Now a week-and-a-half after its initial release, "Straight Outta Compton" is still making headlines. Some of those are for positive reasons -- like the fact that it topped the box office for two weekends in a row. Some are for less flattering ones -- like questions around why Dr. Dre's history of violence against women was omitted.

On Monday, Lil Wayne was the latest to enter the convo about the N.W.A biopic, offering his overwhelmingly positive thoughts on the film during an appearance on ESPN's "First Take."

"The movie was amazing," Tuenchi said. "I was a huge N.W.A fan. I walked away from the movie feeling like I've never rapped a word in my life. I felt like a huge -- just a fan. Wow. I was like, Wow. That was a real, real, real, real good story."

He appreciated some of the small details, he said.

"It was so many small things in there, [and] I think I was only able to peep those things given the fortunate position I'm in myself. There were small things in there where I was like, Wow, you can't write that in the script -- that has to be real.

"To me, a small thing, like the Rodney King thing. When Eazy-E was sitting next to his woman, and he was watching the verdict for the cops, he cried. I said, That's something that's so specific, that I'm not gonna tell them, Hey, make sure I cry when the cops get a verdict. I believe that had to happen. He may have not cried, but he had to have some kind of feeling.

"With that said, at that time, if you'd have asked me, Do you think Eazy-E cared about the verdict? I would have said, No; I don't think he [knew] what the verdict is."

Looks like Weezy the movie critic is giving this one two thumbs up.