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This Rapper Thinks Rihanna Is The New Tupac

Killer Mike breaks it down.

Tupac passed away in 1996, but many artists continue to be inspired by the late MC.

Kendrick Lamar, for instance, paid tribute to 'Pac on his To Pimp A Butterfly album this year. Nicki Minaj and Meek Mill did the same with their latest single. But is Rihanna taking things a step further by becoming "the new Tupac?"

According to Killer Mike, yes.

During a recent interview with The Guardian, Banksy interviewed Run The Jewels. He asked if Kanye West has any competition as the greatest rock star in the world, something he said about himself at Glastonbury this year.

El-P said Yeezy doesn't have competition. "Absolutely not," the producer/rapper said.

But Mike had another perspective. "Kanye is amazing and may be the greatest rock star in the world, but Rihanna is the new Tupac (in feminist form), and as much as I love rock, ain’t nobody do it like Pac! Ri-Ri rules in my book."