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8 Things You Need To Know About Taylor Swift's 'Wildest Dreams' Video

Let's dig in.

In case you already haven't pinched yourself -- this isn't a dream. Taylor Swift is premiering her "Wildest Dreams" video during the 2015 MTV Video Music Awards pre-show on Sunday, Aug. 30, starting at 8 p.m. ET. And as a special treat to Swifties, she gave us a sneak peek last night.

And there's a lot to talk about here:

  1. It's taking place in the '50s.
    Taylor Swift

    The clapper board in the clip reads 8-2-50, so we're going back to a more classic era.

  2. Who is G. Musterhausen?

    The board also says that the video's director is G. Musterhausen. But who's that?

    Apparently, Musterhausen is the pseudonym for Joseph Kahn, who worked on Taylor's other videos like "Blank Space" and "Bad Blood." He used the name in a video he directed for Muse's "Knights of Cydonia," which had a vintage Western feel to it.

  3. It was filmed in Africa? Maybe?

    Joseph Kahn, ever the troll, tweeted that "Wildest Dreams" was shot in Africa... as a toothpaste commercial. But he quickly followed that up with by writing, "Troll troll troll VIDEO troll troll troll VIDEO troll troll troll VIDEO..." So, no Africa, I'm guessing. But you never know!

  4. But how do you explain the zebras?
    Taylor Swift

    Cleverly found stock footage? Nope.

    Kahn also tweeted, "I slept in a tent for the last week. None of the animals ate me. Rejected." It looks like these shots got a little risky.

  5. Scott Eastwood is playing the love interest.
    Taylor Swift

    The 29-year-old "The Longest Ride" star will be playing opposite Tay, according to this split-second screenshot.

  6. It has a little bit of a 'Style' vibe.

    There's a close-up of Taylor's blue, darkly lined eye, just like the close-up shots in the "Style" video, directed by Kyle Newman.

  7. Perhaps they will fly off into the sunset?
    Taylor Swift

    It would be a dramatic ending, but when has Swift ever been low-key?

  8. Taylor's seagull is in the video.

    This is some deep Swiftie knowledge, but Taylor once explained that she was a seagull that swims around in the pool of her Rhode Island home. His name is George Washington and now he is in the video.