Joseph Gordon-Levitt Is A Dad And Wait What?

Talk about a well-kept secret.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt is full of surprises. The dude is a tiny human pogo stick who can do actual flips one second and make us cry through "50/50" the next. If you think we're kidding about the flips, think again.

Yeah, see? So the star is all about changing it up, as we well know. How's this one for a curveball, though?

Like, prepare yourself. Swallow any food in your mouth now, there's going to be squealing.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt is a dad!

Yes, Gordon-Levitt and his wife of eight months, Tasha McCauley, welcomed a baby son over the weekend, a rep confirmed to US Weekly and People.

McCauley and Gordon-Levitt, both 34, married quietly in December 2014. Gordon-Levitt has said that he prefers to keep his personal life out of the press, and he really means it: he and Fellow Robots founder and CEO McCauley managed to keep her entire pregnancy private.

We haven't heard a name for the couple's new addition yet, but we're flipping over the news nonetheless.