Carly Aquilino Has The Greatest Work ID Photo Of ALL TIME

Spoiler: It trumps this facial expression.

Some people dread school picture day, and that feeling can seep on through the years when it's time to pose for various forms of identification. But nobody relished the latter experience quite like Carly Aquilino during a recent photo session at none other than MTV. No camera jitters for this comedian!

The "Girl Code" star -- who will soon appear with Nessa and Awkwafina on "Girl Code Live," premiering on August 31-- shared her rather phenomenal and hysterical Viacom work badge on Instagram. And while we would never expect anything less from the New Yorker when it comes to the task of striking a fantastic face, even THIS exceeds the silliest ID you've ever seen.

"My ID picture is the face you make when someone asks, 'Are you hungry?' And you say 'no' but really mean 'yes,'" she added along with the priceless pic, which also features her misspelled last name. Two words: Nailed. It.

Meanwhile, Carly's boyfriend Pete Davidson couldn't help but give his lady a shout because of her tremendous snap.

"My girl is so fine," he tweeted. We concur.

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