This 'Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them' Fan Art Will Put A Spell On You

Oh, oh, it's magic you know.

The cameras are now officially rolling on "Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them," the first in a J.K. Rowling-penned "Harry Potter" spin-off film series which will introduce Newt Scamander 70 years before Harry ever read his book.

And while we only know a few details about the project -- like this epic teaser sentence Rowling trickled down a while back: "Newt Scamander only meant to stay in New York for a few hours" -- we already have a lot to be pumped up about. Like the stellar cast and the fact that there's going to be a new school for witchcraft and wizardry thrown into the mix.

But if that's not enough to accio all the excitement for you, we've sent our owls out to gather up some super imaginative fan-made artwork to help you get the picture of what magic is about to come our way next November when the pic hits theaters.

It's basically an Alohomora for your heart and mind. We're so ready!

  1. First, here's a poster which reminds us us "The Magic Is Back" as of 2016.

    [Insert a series of exclamation marks here because EEEEP!]

  2. And then this one puts Newty right in the thick (and thrill) of danger.

    Intense, yes. But he does not look afraid.

  3. Here (Not-Eddie) Newt has a lot of winged friends on his flanks.

    Coupling these mythical creatures with the NYC skyline is oddly exhilarating, isn't it?

  4. And we loveeeee this concept art for that American Hogwarts.

    We know Scamander's school is going to be way different than the one we grew to know and love for so long, but if it looks anything like this, we'll be patiently awaiting the post for our invitations to it for sure.

  5. Here's a pastoral vision of the handsome scamp scavenger (hence the name?).

    Hippogriffs like to play in the country, don'tcha know?

  6. Meanwhile, this iron version of our feathered friend is appropriately daunting.

    The new school would be extra gothic with this statue in its entryway.

  7. This drawing of a dragon overlooking the Big Apple is terrifyingly awesome.

    "Cloverfield" and "Godzilla" had their turns, so why can't one of J.K. Rowling's "Fantastic Beasts" play tourist in NYC?

  8. Eddie Redmayne looks quite charming as a wizard, BTW.

    And that cape is so enchanting. We really hope the costume designers had a look-see at this one.

  9. Buuuut if they have to keep it uniform, Eddie can pull that off too of course.

    He has a little bit of that Cedric Diggory vibe going on in this one, and we can definitely dig that.

  10. Oh, just a quick reminder that this movie is going to be lush and soooo beautiful.

    As Harry would say, it's brilliant.

  11. Our hearts are going to soar right alongside all of these beautiful creatures, we can already tell.

    And now our heads are right in the clouds just imagining all the wonders yet to come.