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Drake's Meek Mill Dis Got A Florence And The Machine Remake You Weren't Expecting

'Delilah' gives 'Back to Back' a fresh spin.

Back in 2011, Florence and the Machine covered Drake's "Take Care," giving it a new twist. Once, she joined him onstage to perform "Fireworks." And now, they're on a track together.

Kind of.

A new mashup layers Drizzy's Meek Mill dis track, "Back to Back," with Florence's "Delilah," and the results are...well...just take a listen.

This is pretty much the closest we've come to a collaboration from the two, but it's a possibility that they've talked about in the past.

“We haven’t actually done any recording together,” Florence told MTV News in 2011. “Whenever I see Drake, we always just end up kind of hanging out, which is equally fun, but no, we haven’t done anything together yet.”

And while they still haven't technically done anything, maybe they'll hear the outcome of this and decide they gotta get together for the real thing.