Watch Rita Ora And Chris Brown Get Super Intimate In Their ‘Body On Me’ Video

It doesn't get much hotter than this.

Well, this may be one of the hottest, sexiest and steamiest music videos of all time.

Rita Ora just released her music video "Body On Me" featuring a very shirtless Chris Brown, but he isn't the only one taking it off.

The two play neighbors in the video who meet in a dark and dingy elevator, before bringing the lyrics of the song to life as they fantasize about taking their relationship to an intimate level (get it?). These images don't remain in their mind though, as we see the two make out in an elevator, on the couch and on the rooftop where they conclude the video with some dance action.

"The collaboration with Chris was really simple," Rita recently MTV News. "It was actually a really natural feel and his tone for me fit perfectly to the record -- and he's just one of the easiest people to work with. He's so fun; and it's nice to work with your friend."

Now they know each other on a whole other level. The video, which was directed by Collin Tilley, intercuts with shots of a topless Rita Ora draped in a British flag as she sings the lyrics to her "perfect summer anthem."

"I heard ['Body On Me'] and thought this is the perfect summer anthem for me -- I'm always looking for a summer jam," she said. "It's sexy. It's definitely one of the closest things that I've ever done to what I'm inspired by, which is R&B and soul."