'Scream' Poll: Who Do You Think Is Behind The Killer's Mask?

The slasher's identity is FINALLY being revealed next week -- see our top eight suspects.

The wait is almost over.

Next week's episode of MTV's blood-curdling "Scream" will FINALLY reveal the identity of the masked madman who's been terrorizing Lakewood. But who is it? Is the serial killer one of the characters we've grown to love (or hate), or is it someone we haven't even yet met (hello, Brandon James' brother!)? And then there's the wild card: Many of the residents seem to have alibis (heck, Noah, Audrey, Emma, Jake and Brooke have all come face-to-face with the killer), but does that really mean they're innocent? Or could one of them be in cahoots with a partner, meaning the murders are being carried out by a twisted team?

Without further ado, here are our top eight suspects. Check them out, then take our poll and tell us who YOU think is the killer. Or, if you're into conspiracy theories, vote for the mastermind and head to the comments section to explain who you suspect is the second half of the deadly duo. Then be sure to watch the season finale of "Scream" Tuesday at 10/9c -- and find out, once and for all, who's behind the mask...

  1. Audrey

    Lord knows we stan for Audrey, but the fact remains: She had more motive than anyone to kill Nina after Lakewood's HBIC filmed her making out with Rachel. When the video went viral, Audrey growled that she was "coming after" Nina to "destroy" her; in one episode, she even told Piper that her former classmate was "a stone-cold bitch who got what she deserved." That makes us wonder: Did Noah's BFF murder out of revenge and then go on a killing spree to take down all the cool kids? Here's possible proof: Police not only discovered Audrey's DNA inside a Brandon James mask but when they detained her for a couple of days -- keeping her under lock and key -- Emma didn't get ONE call from the killer. Anyone else just get a chill?

  2. Mr. Branson

    The reasons Mr. B could be the slasher are ENDLESS: First, Noah and Audrey discovered he could have been connected to the town's original blackmail ring; perhaps tellingly, the student aides who may have known his secret all wound up dead. Second, super-sleuth Noah learned that Mr. Branson had changed his identity after becoming a suspect in a previous murder. So who IS Mr. B? Could HE be the love child of Brandon James and Emma's mother? As Noah pointed out, the teacher's new last name could be a clue: Branson = Brandon's son. And, oh yeah, we almost forgot: At the end of this week's episode, he apparently killed a cop and broke out of jail. Yeah, that's a little suspicious.

  3. Piper

    As the voice behind the popular podcast, "Autopsy of A Crime," Piper reports on murders -- she doesn't commit them...right? That's what we want to believe, but one thing keeps nagging us: She revealed to Emma that her own father was murdered. And let's see... who else was killed a bunch of years back? Brandon James. As of now, all eyes are on Mr. B as the possible offspring of Maggie and Brandon, but who's to say Piper's not the knife-wielding psychopath with a twisted daddy complex? That said, she could have an entirely different motive: Her gripping podcasts from Lakewood are surely enticing enough listeners to launch her into the digital stratosphere. Could killing a bunch of innocent people just be a really f*ed up original career move?

  4. Sheriff Hudson's son has been as creepy as he's been hot: In between taking off his shirt twice this season (SCORE!), he revealed that he'd been in prison (um, okay) and worse, he even quoted the killer just before showing Emma that he has a disturbing keen interest in guns. But let's dig real deep: In the series' debut episode, during their conversation at Brooke's bash, Kieran told Em she seemed to have "the perfect life" -- but then randomly seemed to diss her friends, asking if she really even liked them. At the end of that very episode, Emma received her first call from the killer, who also commented on her seemingly flawless existence. "Perfect smiles, perfect lives," he said. But later, he too questioned Emma's pals, calling them "two-faced." Fishy, right? A whole lot more suspicion was cast upon Kieran during this week's episode, but even without aaaaall that, let's just present two very simple facts: 1) As his classmates ran for their lives all season during heart-stopping chase scenes, he's the ONLY teen who has never come face to face with the killer. 2) The murders only began when Kieran moved to town. 'Nuff said.

  5. Mayor Maddox

    Okay, okay -- so he didn't murder his wife: Brooke's dad finally proved that he didn't off his better half, but his flimsy excuse for why he was caught disposing of a dead body (it was a random druggie? Really?) didn't jive with us. Something's still shady about Mayor Maddox -- although, frankly, we're suspicious of all politicians.

  6. Brooke

    In between banging romancing Mr. Branson and hiding sexy photos of herself in his classroom (if only the janitor had found THAT), wild child Brooke has thrown a party every time her parents left town. But her good-time-girl antics haven't exactly made her popular: When her peers made a "murder poll" and asked who should be next on the chopping block, Brooke was, um, winning by a landslide. The revelation made Mayor Maddox's daughter lament that "everyone" hated her -- and that caused us to wonder: Could Brooke's desire to be queen of Lakewood High have driven her to kill her more-popular peers? She wasn't exactly torn up about Nina's demise (hell, she even began using her deceased classmate's signature shade of lipstick). Plus, if she is the killer, she's got the perfect smokescreen: Seriously, who ever suspects the hot blonde?

  7. Jake

    The guy isn't exactly trustworthy: He not only twisted Will's arm to begin extorting Mayor Maddox again, but he then threw his BFF under the bus by telling Brooke that the blackmail scheme was all WILL'S idea. Sure, he was badly wounded when the killer attacked him, and killers (or their accomplices) don't usually get knifed -- a fact that was duly noted by Audrey. "Will was kidnapped and Jake was stabbed," she said. "It's probably safe to take them both off the killer board." But Noah wasn't ready to grant them amnesty, arguing, "Unless that's exactly what it was meant to do. Jake's on the mend; Will's wounded-warrior act made Emma forgive his sins. Either one of them could have set up this entire fiasco just to convince us to trust them." And, well, we know what eventually happened to Will, but Jake is still alive and kicking. Hmm...

  8. Noah

    He's geeky-cute, super-witty and so adorably affable that we've never once suspected Noah of the Lakewood slashings. And that's the problem: Oftentimes, it's the person you least expect. Plus, there's his weird obsession with murder. "Some guys like sports — I like serial killers," he once said. "And Brandon James is my Dallas Cowboys." Could the high school brainiac be a copycat killer? Heck, even Jake suspected him at one point, echoing our aforementioned theory. "On every cop show, there's always that one harmless guy," Shake 'n Jake said. "He's usually sweet and funny and uber-smart -- and nine times out of 10, THAT guy's the killer."

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